• What are signal suppressors for?

  • To combat the illegal use of mobile communication devices in prisons and public institutions (extortion, fraud, attacks, etc.), there is a solution that blocks or suppresses cell phone communication signals. We will talk about them today in more detail.


    Now, in order to get rid of the problem with the illegal use of devices, jammer is increasingly being used. They come in different types, types, models and with different purposes.


    Broadcast television, radio, and mobile telephony wireless communications services, among other things, rely on the transmission and reception of waves that traverse the radio spectrum to send information from a transmitting/receiving station to a user device.


    In addition, in order for the electromagnetic waves of the transmitting stations to perceptibly reach the coverage area, or for the signals of user devices to be perceived by the specified area, it is important that each connection passes through a frequency band within the coverage area (spectrum that is not occupied).


    In the case of cellular networks, they use radio-electric waves to enable communication between users regardless of the coverage area they are in, which is divided into different cells to reuse the spectrum in different geographic locations.


    Similarly, to ensure that communications on a cellular network pass through free bandwidth, the technologies used must operate with different time slots, different frequencies, or different codes that identify each link (or combination of them), allowing voice and transmission services to data that will be offered anywhere within network coverage, even on the go.


    In order for communication services in a cellular network to be successful, in addition to the systems in use, which must be able to support the amount of traffic required by users, the spectrum in which the communication signals propagate must be free from interference.


    Factors Limiting Cellular Mobile Network Communication

    In addition to the non-technical factors that create typical problems in cellular mobile networks and limit call establishment and access to data services (user credit, device mishandling, etc.), there are network-specific technical factors. Components:


    -Technical faults in components

    - Overload of network resources

    -High level of interference


    However, jammers are the most reliable way to interrupt communication.